Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Hangeng Interview for HisLife Magazine (English Translation)

Hangeng: Composure/ Calmness is new, maturity is the old.
The stage which Hangeng chose for his career in the past 16 year: Hangeng still feels nervous before each stage performance despite having years of experience in it. This apprehension dissolves into excitement at the instant when he starts to dance.
Maturity is old: A teenager who matures really early in life learns not to cause trouble to anyone.Composure is now: He has experienced most types of negative emotions already. His current motivation in life is not to fulfil what most people deem as successful, he has lived under scrutiny and other people’s expectations for too long. Now, Hangeng wants to return to being himself.
Hangeng has been pushing forward for 16 years now.